Rude Idiots

First-Class car on the KCR A woman tried to jump ahead of me to get on the KCR, while a large group of people was trying to alight.

Some folks can't grasp the obvious. If they don't make space on the platform for people to get off the train, how do they expect to be able to get on board?

Yet it never fails, every time a train pulls up, the crowd surges forward to block the doorway. What a bunch of morons.

"Some folks can't grasp the obvious."

I was at Sha Tin station. As the train crawled to a stop, I noticed many people would be alighting. As I was first in line, I made a concerted effort to leave space so everyone could exit.

The woman behind me began to push, which pissed me off. I didn't move, so she tried to go around me via the space I'd left for people to get off, despite three KCR employees on board asking everyone to wait (the problem is so pervasive they need employees to monitor the crowd, despite recorded announcements).

I lost it; I stiff-armed the woman and blocked her from moving forward until there was space. Then she tried to go around me again! I moved sideways and blocked her entry until those in front of the queue were aboard. She wasn't happy, but I felt great.

She was being a rude idiot; I hope my actions helped her understand that.

Probably not.

· ƒ ·

Do I sound hostile?

I am, because in the last week or so I have had at least two people try — with the emphasis on try — to push me aside to get ahead in a queue.

"... his expression changed from insolence to worry."

In another case of the rudes, four teenagers did the same thing while three other people, myself included, waited our turn at a taxi stand for the line of taxis to pick us up. The punks walked past everyone and took the next taxi in line.

I leaned toward the glass, looked at one of the kids and waggled my finger at him. I think he was concerned, because his expression changed from insolence to worry.

He must have thought I'd walk over, haul him out of the taxi and stomp him into the ground. But he wasn't worth the waste of energy and he got the message.

I'm trying not to let stuff like this bother me, but I'm only human. It'd be better to rise above it and not let it stress me.

On the other hand, sometimes it's fun to put rude people in their place.

June 28, 1999

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