Has Canada done something to piss off China, or is the mainland deliberately trying to scale back on visitors?

I ask because I went to renew the visa for my passport and was gobsmacked to learn that the fee was now 35% higher for a one-year multiple-entry visa, which I purchased last year for convenience and to save money over buying the six-month version, or worse, the grotesquely expensive two-entry permit.

China Visa

I used to see this sort of thing with Americans; both China and the United States kept raising fees tit-for-tat, as though each country was punishing the other via their tourists. Did Stephen Harper insult Hu Jintao or something? Inflation isn't that far gone, so how does the mainland justify the whopping increase for Canadians? If I hadn't already had plans to visit China in the immediate future I would have put off renewing altogether.

As a regular visitor this extortionate bump rubs me the wrong way, especially as I already have three China visas in my passport. If that's the way they want to play it, I'll spend my travel dollars elsewhere (I applied for the six-month visa, and yes even though I spent less now I'll likely have to funnel the difference toward visas for other countries, but I'd rather spend it that way than acquiesce to what looks like out and out greed).

Maybe I'm wrong and there's a reasonable explanation for the rapacious rate, but I doubt it.

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