A New Christmas Tree

For the first time since relocating to Hong Kong in 1998, I bought a Christmas tree.

Prior to now we never had the space for a proper tree, and I felt that a miniature tree didn't really convey the spirit of the season, so we never bothered. But Mabel really wanted a tree this Christmas, so when I happened across a fantastic deal for a six-foot artificial tree (only HK$80, about US$10.25) I jumped at the opportunity.

Now I love the smell of a real tree and could have picked up a gorgeous Douglas Fir at the Mong Kok Flower Market, but I have a hard time shelling out more than 10 times the cash for a tree that will die in a few weeks.

Christmas tree

Our tree is decorated with gold, silver and green tinsel; small solid red, green and gold ball ornaments; Russian spiral ornaments in red/gold, blue/silver, green/gold and pink/silver (yes, Russian, the packages were in Cyrillic), bells and mini-presents in variety of colours; and larger green and red patterned ball ornaments.

Completing the package is a long string of LED lights with eight display settings that draws a mere 8 watts of power. Now all I need is to some presents to put underneath.

Time to go shopping!

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