Jade, Displayed

Hong Kong's Jade Market is always a fun place to visit.

I hadn't been in quite a while and so went on a photo shoot to see what's changed. The biggest discovery was that in about a year it won't be there any more, as the government is planning to relocate the venue from its home beneath the Ferry Street flyover in Yau Ma Tei.

View large image Therefore shooting the location became even more important. During the shoot I had a chance to talk with several of the vendors, who were kind enough to allow me to photograph their unique treasures.

The first lady I spoke with was selling hand-carved African tagua nuts, an excellent substitute for elephant ivory, many crafted in the shape of Santa Claus to hang as an ornament from the Christmas tree.

View large image The fun part was that the Santa faces were distinctly Chinese, which was very cool and helped make a fantastic, useful souvenir of Hong Kong.

If you want to pick up a few, visit Hing Shing Hong at stall #230 and ask for Clara Fung. Those outside Hong Kong can e-mail her for shipping information: t a g u a c v AT n e t v i g a t o r . c o m.

View large image At another stall I spoke with Mr. Fong, who was selling a number of exquisite pieces of carved Burmese jade, including a pair of dragons and a pair of elephants, either of which would make wonderful bookends.

Any of his pieces would be artful additions to your home. Visit stall #346 to see the selection (you will need to speak Cantonese or bring someone who does).

View large image Near the end of the day's shoot I met Mr. Lee Yan Ping, owner of Noble Lane, which carried huge carved jade discs, with additional carved statues designed to sit atop each one. The craftsmanship was beautiful and would compliment almost any decor.

Visit stall #302 to investigate all the possible combinations.

To get to the Jade Market, take the MTR to Yau Ma Tei Station, Exit C. Upon exit, turn right and head up Nathan Road. Turn right at Public Square Street (next to the Tin Hau Temple), then turn left at Shanghai Street. As you pass under the flyover, curve right onto Kansu Street. The Jade Market is right there, sandwiched between Reclamation Street and Battery Street on the North side of Kansu Street.

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