So ... Sex Kills?

What would you rather do: abstain from sex and live to be over 100 years old, or die younger (and possibly with a smile on your face)?

Tai Po villager Chan Chi has lived in three centuries and seems to have spurned much of the perceived wisdom for reaching such a great age - he has lived alone for more than 70 years and has smoked for many decades.

He speaks and hears clearly and seems to have a spring in his step. People meeting him for the first time often guess that he is barely 80 years old.

Westerners often believe Chinese to look younger than their true age, so when this guy fools other Chinese, he must be in great shape.

The 107-year-old, perhaps the oldest person in Hong Kong, looked much younger than many "juniors" at the 26th annual feast for Tai Po's elderly ...

"I don't know why I have lived this long," Mr Chan said. "Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have lived a sexless life for many years - since I was in my 30s."

Don't let him near the Internet, it would kill him.

Mr Chan ... often starts the day with morning exercise and eats a healthy variety of food. "I am not very choosy about food, although I don't eat very fatty stuff. I often make soup for myself."

His diet likely had a lot more to do with his longevity than abstinence, but don't tell him, it'd break his heart.

A peaceful mind was probably another reason for his long life, Mr Chan said. "I am mostly calm and carefree. And I have many good friends."

He ought to have many friends, by virtue of being around for so long. At least we know he's not crotchety.

The centenarian said he had smoked for many decades, but admitted that he was thinking of quitting because of the city's new legislation against smoking in public venues.

"Now I want to quit," he said. "Maybe the government should ban cigarette sales so I can give it up."

Now we know the real reason he's lived this long: he's one heck of an optimist.

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