The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru

Three years ago I met with Tony Banham to discuss his excellent book, Not the Slightest Chance.

I just finished reading his follow-up work, The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru.

From the jacket:

Almost 2,000 British Prisoners of War were aboard the Japanese freighter Lisbon Maru when an American submarine torpedoed and sank her in October 1942. This book tells the story of those men, from the fighting in Hong Kong, through the sinking, and, for some, to liberation and beyond.

... the sinking of the Lisbon Maru was the most costly American-on-British "friendly fire" incident of the Second World War. OF the 4,500 of Hong Kong's garrison who perished during the war, 1,000 died directly or indirectly from this sinking. From American, British, Hong Kong, and Japanese sources, this work reconstructs the fateful voyage of the Lisbon Maru, and the experiences of the captives, the captors, and those on board the submarine that sank her.

Transports such as the Lisbon Maru were known as "Hellships", and with good reason.

Reading about the privation and degradation suffered under the watch of their captors gave me an even greater appreciation for the men who fought to preserve freedom.

The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru is a superb sequel and I recommend it without reservation.

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