Space Hogs

Some Hong Kong women believe in taking as much personal space as they can get.

The worst offenders, copying the latest runway fashion, sling gargantuan handbags in the crook of one elbow, with the hand and forearm thrust upward and outward from the hip. This posture results in an unbalanced gait which causes the bag to swing about, clocking little kids in the melon or knocking the wind out of seniors with blows to their midsections.

When the handbag is heavy, they compensate by leaning in the opposite direction, which creates an unsteady, jerky walk that makes their butts look like two dogs fighting under a blanket.

Bypassing these sauntering simpletons in crowded or narrow lanes is difficult enough, but imagine getting stuck on an escalator behind someone with a fake Louis Vuitton purse large enough to carry mountaineering equipment.

Some space hogs take it a step further by grasping a mobile phone or a set of keys in the upturned hand, thus escalating the risk of jabbing someone in the head.

Only the elderly should be allowed to carry a bag this way; it takes less effort than holding it in one hand, and little old ladies aren't going to drag a mammoth tote to go shopping.

Everyone else should learn to pack light.

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