Black Man Toothpaste

View large image If you've ever visited Hong Kong or other destinations in Asia, you may have noticed a toothpaste brand called Darlie.

What you may not know is it was once called Darkie.


From Toothpaste World:

Hong Kong's Hazel & Hawley Chemical Co. would probably still be hawking Darkie toothpaste had the company not been acquired by Colgate.

The Darkie brand's Al Jolson-inspired logo, a grinning caricature in blackface and a top hat, was as offensive as its name. Colgate bought the company in 1985, and then ditched the logo and changed the product's name to Darlie after US civil rights groups protested.

However, the Cantonese name - Haak Yahn Nga Gou (Black Man Toothpaste) - remains.

Read more behind the story at Whole Pop Magazine.

*Note: Darlie image © Dr. Val Kolpakov, a practicing dentist and collector of toothpastes.

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