Chow Yun-fat (周潤發) should fire his agent.

Why is it that in his latest film, Bulletproof Monk, a star of his magnitude gets paired with, excuse me, Steve Stifler? Sorry, I meant Seann William Scott. Why is Chow even in this film? How did he go from Anna and the King to this?

Somebody please get the man a decent script!

When will Hollywood learn to direct Asian film stars? It either stereotypes them or foists some justification for their existence. Can't Asians be credible on their own? If movie-makers can ignore Arnold Schwartzeneggar's accent, why can't an Asian actor just be there?

I hate how Hollywood films martial artists. Take Jet Li (李連杰): the man is pure, bottled lightning, but in every film, the directors used quick-cut, MTV-style editing designed for the ADD crowd. We can't appreciate Jet's skill and grace because we can hardly see it. Contrast that with the work of Ang Lee in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, where steady camera-work makes the wire-fu look good.

As much as I like watching Jet Li kick ass, it'd be nice if he could do it within a real story; the scripts have been weak. Will someone please explain why every Jet Li film is accompanied by hip hop soundtracks with volumes high enough to make your ears bleed?

Just once I'd like to see Chow Yun-fat or Jet Li in a film that showcases their acting abilities. I realise no one wants to see a film in which Jet doesn't kick butt, but would it kill Hollywood to set that within a believable story? As for Chow, he's capable of carrying a serious, dramatic film, one without guns or martial arts.

Hollywood studios are wooden-headed.

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