Out of Service

This smartphone snapshot pretty much sums up my estimation of HSBC and its level of service:

HSBC Temporarily Out of Service ATMs

This at a major New Territories branch (there used to be two additional machines on the building's exterior, but the bank removed them to renovate the tiny lobby with plate glass windows).

Normally I'd let it go as, hey, sometimes things go wrong, except the same thing happens regularly with its two cash deposit machines; either one or both are down for the count almost every time I go in there. The same thing happens with its lone cheque deposit machine. You would think that unreliable machines would be replaced.

But in Hong Kong, any time something anywhere goes wrong, the easier solution is to slap on a sign with the hollow offering of remorse: 'We apologise for any inconvenience caused'. Could anything be more disingenuous? No one truly believes the bank cares one whit.

If HSBC was honest it would post a sign saying: 'Frequently out of service. Get used to it'.

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