Fast and Spurious

I know this smacks of schadenfreude, but truly it has nothing to do with that.

Instead it's a commentary on how common it is in Hong Kong to see wrecked high-end sports cars, like, say, this Ferrari 599:

Wrecked Ferrari

The primary reason is owners aren't equipped to deal with the horsepower. In this case the driver crashed into the side of a truck headed the opposite direction in its own lane. He told police he "lost control of his car, crossed the opposite lane and slammed into the truck while swerving right to avoid hitting an unknown animal."

Sure there was an animal. That's about as believable as claiming he saw aliens. The crash happened around 8.30am in the New Territories, a time of day and a place where sports car (and motorcycle) drivers typically go way too fast. These idjits figure that weekends and holidays mean light traffic and fewer cops, so they can live out their Fast and Furious fantasies.

But as his car is well beyond repair, he says he now wants to buy a Ferrari 458, a vehicle that goes 0-100 kph in just 3.4 seconds.

Clearly he has learned nothing.

Photo by SCMP

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