House of the Zombie Pumpkins

BWG PumpkinHallowe'en is on the way; if you haven't figured out how to carve your pumpkin, get thee hence to Zombie Pumpkins, the creeptacular creation of my good friend Ryan.

This year's theme: House of the Zombie Pumpkins!

Zombie Pumpkins is without doubt the best pumpkin carving resource anywhere, with tons of cool stencils that make carving intricate designs easy and fun. Prices start at just $2; it all depends on how many pumpkins you want to slice.

Stencils range from scary to cute, depending on your mood and whether you want to frighten small children. With 16 categories and five difficulty levels ranging from beginner to maniac, you're certain to find the perfect pattern.

Zombie Pumpkins: where pumpkins never die.

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1967 vs. 2014

Familiar themes, whether people are demanding communism or democracy:

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